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Learning about Sufficiency

Anyone interested in learning more about the concept of living a life from the principles of sufficiency is invited to read Lynne Twist’s The Soul of Money and Lester Traband’s Obtaining Your Financial Black Belt.

Sufficiency Telephone Call Groups exist throughout the US and in Europe.  The purpose of the calls is to support members in the practice of sufficiency in their daily lives.  The groups meet in person from time to time as well as conducting weekly group calls and daily partner calls.
For more information on Sufficiency Calls please contact .

Pledging from Sufficiency

Pledging from sufficiency is a process, search different from other charitable gift giving.

A Sufficiency Pledge is usually made for a 12-month period in an amount that empowers you.  Your pledge expresses who you are in the world.  It is a pledge that gives you a vital and alive future, treatment one with much more freedom and power around your finances.

Our job in the Sufficiency Foundation – if you seek our support in arriving at the amount of your pledge – is to listen keenly for the amount that enhances your power.  Your pledge will be somewhere between a gesture (too little) and a sacrifice (too much).  If handled with imagination and possibility, your pledge and your relationship to it will be developmental tools.

Our game is having each person making and fulfilling two agreements coming from sufficiency: 1) making and fulfilling a pledge to the Sufficiency Foundation and, 2) enrolling others in making and fulfilling the same two agreements starting now.  Not because the Sufficiency Foundation needs their money, but because we are about creating a sufficient world.

All contributions to the Sufficiency Foundation are tax-deductible in the US.


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